Groundwork Contractor in Farnborough | How Safe are Demolition Services?

There are multiple trades and industries where a misconception might stop a prospective client from using a service. Inkerman Hire Services Ltd is a groundwork contractor from Godalming with demolition services available in the Farnborough area. We also travel between the counties of Surrey and Hampshire to provide a grab hire, tipper hire and muck away service.

With demolitions, the myths tend to be more far-reaching, but we can assure you that our services are as safe as they can be. We would never put you or your project in a position where a lackadaisical approach could harm people or property.

We are a trusted groundwork contractor for Farnborough and all surrounding areas with an exemplary safety record.

Are demolitions dangerous and potentially chaotic?

Our demolition services are organised and orchestrated down to the last detail. We are part of an industry with the strictest safety standards and never underestimate the dangers. An engineer assesses and stamps every job so that our planning for your project leads to smoother, safer service delivery. In terms of personnel, we provide our teams with safety training.

This means they can work at height or in a confined space, and handle machinery and hazardous substances, in a controlled manner. We place the same emphasis on safety when providing grab hire, tipper hire and muck away services in Farnborough.

Anybody can demolish a building, right?

No, and this is one of the most dangerous misconceptions of all. End users use professional demolition services because groundwork contractors work with expertise and precision. A demolition can be much larger in scale than it first appears, especially if there are operations underway nearby, when there are hazardous abatements, or in other high-risk situations.

At Inkerman Hire Services Ltd, we have trained crews with a unique range of skills (which we update through regular on-the-job training) to help uphold current industry standards.

Are demolition services bad for the environment?

We cover Farnborough with grab hire, tipper hire and muck away services and these are all tightly regulated disciplines. An area in which groundwork contractors need to excel is, of course, recycling. In terms of spoil removals, we will always play a role in repurposing non-hazardous collections (usually for resale in the regional secondary aggregate sector).

With demolition services, we try to recycle as many materials as possible too. Debris goes to licensed waste transfer stations for repurposing, especially items such as:

  • Ferrous And Non-Ferrous Metals

  • Electrical Wiring

  • Obsolete Machinery

Waste transfer stations work to government-led targets and can recycle over 90% of materials collected from demolitions.

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