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Meet Inkerman Hire Services Ltd, the established groundwork contractors from Godalming. Our handy location is Surrey gives us immediate access into Hampshire and the Farnham area, where we offer combined grab hire, tipper hire, muck away and demolition services. Grab hire has domestic and commercial applications, but it is widely used on construction sites.

Companies in our sector need to follow strict regulations for site safety but in a fashion that helps our customers and clients to get their jobs completed quickly and on time.

Here, we look at three of the critical components to using a grab hire service:


A groundwork contractor will know that having large quantities of waste on a Farnham site could present a safety hazard. If waste restricts the amount of workspace available, it could lead to somebody tripping or create a series of wider risks that will need addressing. If you plan to use our demolition services, you will obviously need a clearance service too.

We can accommodate this with a combined muck away and tipper hire service for clearing earthworks spoil, or by providing a grab hire service for other types of waste. In the same way as you have a duty to employees, we have a duty to you.

Inkerman Hire Services Ltd will never let you down.


Waste from demolition services and construction work in the Farnham area could leave personnel with insufficient space to do their jobs, and productivity is just as important a factor as safety. Having to negotiate waste in large volumes or, worse still, having to move waste before starting work, can have a major impact on deadlines for our commercial clients.

You can use us in the capacity of a groundwork contractor to undertake demolitions or to assist with earth-moving projects. Muck away services see waste taken away from site by a grab or tipper lorry and moved to a transfer station for recycling.

Alternatively, why not use our grab hire and tipper hire services independently for any other clearance needs?


We know that timelines are especially important to our many commercial clients in Farnham. Using us as a groundwork contractor leaves your own personnel free to do the jobs you pay them for, and to keep everything running to schedule. Poor planning could leave large waste quantities onsite so, if you book in for demolition services and muck away clearances with our company, it means there is one less thing to worry about.

We can make multiple visits to Farnham every day to provide you with clearance, grab hire and tipper hire services.

If you have waste stored behind fences and hoardings, then grab hire is the perfect choice for your project. The extending grab arms on our lorries can reach behind obstacles and pick up waste before loading it onto the truck bed.

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