How to Hire the Most Professional Groundwork Contractor in Walton-on-Thames | Muck Away and More

Are you planning to build an extension for your home in the wider Walton-on-Thames area? Perhaps you own a building company and need someone to assist with the groundworks phase of your next project. In either case, you’ll want the most trustworthy groundwork contractors in the business. After all, the last thing you want is for your addition or commercial build to sink into the dirt. Specialising in groundworks, grab hire, tipper hire, muck away and demolition services, we understand what it takes to deliver the finest results possible, and can outline how to sort the most reliable contractors from the ones you should avoid.

So what can you do to find the best groundwork contractors around? Follow the guide below, or speak with a member of Inkerman Hire Services at your next opportunity. We will explore the following points:

Ask for Multiple Quotations

Finding the right team isn’t a case of settling on the first company you see on the web. Instead, it should involve shopping around to see what’s out there based on your particular budget. This crucial step helps to give you a clear idea of how much groundworks, grab hire or tipper hire will cost around Walton-on-Thames, so you can plan accordingly. Remember that a quote may be too good to be true, while other firms will try to overcharge on the basis of ‘quality’. Receiving three quotations will reduce the chance of getting ripped off.

Ask About Their History

How many years have they served as groundwork contractors? Do they have a reputation for muck away or demolition services? By asking these questions, you gain a clear picture of what a professional team can do for you. It’s also worth looking at their previous work, such as through an online gallery, or asking about their approach towards similar projects. For example, Inkerman Hire Services was founded in 1985 and has worked on everything from major roads to complex house extensions.

Check for Guarantees and Insurance

You may be surprised to see just how many groundwork contractors operate in Walton-on-Thames without the proper insurance. They might fail to offer a guarantee of quality, or lack the waste carrier’s licence to shift waste materials safely. Unless they use a licenced carrier, they’ll leave the waste on site for you to deal with. Worse still, they might resort to fly-tipping – an illegal venture that could land you in trouble. While checking out a company’s grab or tipper hire process, try to find out if they hold public or employer’s liability insurance.

Enquire About Their Wider Service Range

It’s rare for groundwork contractors to focus purely on excavation or drainage, and should instead have the skills to carry out all ground-related works. This may extend to drainage installation, site clearance, foundations, formwork and basements. They might even offer a wider range of demolition services or grab hire and muck away work. By learning more about what they can accomplish, you see whether or not they can handle the day-to-day operations within your project in Walton-on-Thames.

Choose Inkerman Hire Services

With tipper hire trucks readily available, an insured team of groundwork contractors, decades of experience and a positive approach, we deliver professional care that’s hard to beat. Our team undertakes all groundworks including drainage and foundations, can remove waste via grab hire lorry and sells aggregates in the volumes you need. We also come fully equipped with a concrete crusher, process aggregates at our yard in Walton-on-Thames and provide demolition services in compliance with HSE legislation.

In delivering a broad service range, we offer a one-stop service for builders, commercial clients and homeowners alike. Naturally, muck away and all other services come at a competitive price.

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