Groundwork Contractor in Woking | Include Muck Away and More as Part of Your Waste Management Plan

Construction projects can often benefit from efficient waste management plans. Although not strictly a legal requirement, having a plan in place can help all aspects of construction to remain on schedule. While no one can force you to start a plan prior to development, having one ready will likely pay off once everyone gets to work. It’s worth looking for groundwork contractors, the potential need for grab hire and tipper hire, and to plan ahead for the waste produced during the demolition services. You could also look at muck away companies to carry the inert waste from your site in Woking or the wider Surrey area.

Below, we cover some of the main elements you should consider before the work gets started.

Your Duty of Care

If your site is going to produce building waste, then you will need to comply with the Environmental Protection Act. This aims to prevent the harmful treatment of waste and ensures anyone receiving these materials also receive an accurate description. If you shirk your duties, such as by calling an unlicenced carrier, then you could end up with a hefty fine or even see yourself prosecuted. As such, you should always choose a grab hire company or tipper hire firm with the proper waste carrier licence.

Consider the Logistics

You may have settled on a team near Woking that can offer demolition services, but have you considered what comes after? What will happen to the inert (or non-hazardous) waste created by the process? Planning ahead will give you plenty of time to deal with potential issues that might cause delays at a later date. It also gives you the chance to find the perfect muck away, grab hire or tipper hire company to assist.

For maximum success, you could choose a team that works as groundwork contractors and owns a range of tippers, grab trucks and concrete crushers. At Inkerman Hire Services, we own all machinery ourselves and can make them available to you at relatively short notice.

Space-Related Issues

While some builders and groundwork contractors tend to hire skips, this practice is quickly falling out of favour. This is because few people around Woking have the space for a bulky skip on site. Roadside skips also demand the right permits, causing delays and costing more in the longer term – a problem avoided by choosing grab hire instead. With a grab truck or tipper hire lorry complete with a qualified driver at your disposal, you can have confidence that all muck away and waste produced during the demolition services will be safely collected.

Grab hire cranes also reach over fences and around places of hard access, making them the best solution for built-up environments.

A Safety-First Approach

Coming up with a waste management plan won’t just keep everything on track. It can also prevent problems like a trip or fall. Too much waste, such as rubble created from the demolition services, will make your space in Woking more hazardous. By taking away concrete and other building waste, you reduce the risk of an accident and give your workforce the best environment to get the job done.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Can your groundwork contractors take away the waste?

  • Will grab hire or tipper hire prove more convenient than a skip?

  • Does your building or landscaping project require new aggregates?

  • Would you benefit from a one-stop muck away service?

  • Do you want demolition services from a well-respected team?

If so, contact Inkerman Hire Services at your first opportunity. We look forward to assisting in any way possible.

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